3D Modeled Room


This project was also an assignment straight from my 3D Animation 1 class that had us design and model a room in 3D. This 3D room was designed after my bedroom from back home and modeled in C4D.

I took references from pictures of the furniture in my bedroom and included some reference photos from the internet to make my room more ideal in my eyes. This project allowed me to go through the design process with several different iterations and critiques while using my skills in modeling to bring references to life in the 3D world. After my models were complete I got to use my texturing and lighting skills to set up the scene in a more realistic setting.

Creative decisions I had to make along the way included where I would place the lighting for the scene and which texture looked better in certain spots as well as the creation of my own textures/materials. The skills I displayed during the creation of this project allowed me to meet all the goals and requirements leading to yet another piece I am proud of.

Design. Animation. Rigging.