Buzz Lightyear 3D Model

This project was from an assignment from my 3D Animation 1 class that required us to 3D model an existing toy and put them in a 3D setting. I produced this rendition of Buzz Lightyear in Cinema 4D with references I found from the internet.

This project allowed me to use skills such as modeling, texturing, and lighting combined with my extensive knowledge of C4D to create a final piece that I am very proud of.

Certain creative decisions I had to make along the way had to deal with the timeline I was given and how accurate I wanted Buzz to be. For example, I didn’t have enough time to get as specific as I wanted with Buzz’s face sculpt, so I had to put a texture on the helmet that blurred that part of the model. Even with this critical creative decision, this project performed very well for me and met all goals for the assignment.

Design. Animation. Rigging.